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Nia Long Speaks On The Pressure Of Being Referred To As Ageless,”I don’t really want the pressure of feeling like I have to be beautiful and perfect because I think beauty comes at any age.”



With a long-standing career of over two decades in Hollywood and a long list of successful projects under her belt, Nia Long has without a doubt earned her place in the hearts of many!

While often being referred to as a pillar of perfection, Nia has recently opened up about the pressure she often feels about being referred to as ‘ageless’.

“I so appreciate the compliment,” says Nia to People Magazine “But I have to tell you, there’s so much pressure in this industry to stay beautiful and to stay young. And I’m really not interested in leaning into this idea of perfection.” 

“I am a proud 51, and eventually I’m going to age in a way where it’s obvious and I want it to happen beautifully and gracefully. I don’t really want the pressure of feeling like I have to be beautiful and perfect because I think beauty comes at any age.”

Nia reveals that she has often found placed a lot of pressure on herself when it comes down to public appearances because she feels as if she is “trying to live up to a version of myself that was 20 years ago.”

📸:: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

📸:: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

Despite the normalcy of being a public figure Nia says she stands clear of anti-aging creams and practices all together.

“I don’t do anti-aging things, or use products because I think I look old or am trying to avoid aging,” she says. “I use products to stay healthy and to keep healthy, vibrant skin. There’s a difference.”

It has been stated that she is more focused on products that consist of hydration along with serums, vitamins, biotin and wearing less makeup.

“The skin gods have definitely blessed me,” says the Brooklyn, New York native. “I’m always grateful and thankful for my good, clean, healthy skin. But I don’t take it for granted. And in order to maintain healthy skin, you have to do the work.”

“But I honestly think the real beauty comes from within. And I know for myself, I am a work in progress. I mean, we can use all the creams, all the lotions, all the makeup in the world, but if you’re not feeling good on the inside, the beauty just isn’t radiant. It becomes sort of this superficial mask.”

We really condemn Nia for both her honesty and vulnerability. Though we are sure fans don’t mean any malice when referring to her as ageless, alonG with the fact that Black surely don’t crack. It is important that we restore value into natural beauty. Especially in Hollywood.

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