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Huh? Folks Raise Their Eyebrows At Donald Glover Following New Interview Where He Asks Himself If He’s Afraid Of Black Women!



People are side-eyeing Donald Glover based on an interview that left many people scratching their heads!

The Atlanta on FX star appeared on the cover of Interview Magazine with a twist: as he interviewed himself for their latest issue. However, a particular section of the article is catching attention with a splash of backlash.

According to Billboard, the “format and editorial choices aside, one part that had readers perplexed was a section of the interview that addressed Black women and race.’

In the interview, Glover asks himself: “Are you afraid of Black women?” With a follow- up reply: “Why are you asking me that?”

Questioning himself, the interview continues, “I feel like your relationship to them has played a big part in your narrative.’

Glover replies, “I feel like you’re using Black women to question my Blackness.”

Glover continues with the interview. But shuts himself down: “Can I say something? I hate talking about race for more than five minutes unless it’s with other Black people and/or we’re laughing.” 

Many Twitter users call the interview ridiculous while pointing out that part of the interview.

Maybe there was a direction and his point-of-view that we missed. Cousins, what are your thoughts on Glover’s interview?

( 📸:Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP )

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