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Tasha K. Ordered To Remove All Posts And Content About Cardi B Off Social Media Accounts And YouTube Channel!



In the latest update of Tasha.K and Cardi B’s ongoing legal battle, a judge has recently ruled that she removes all videos and content in regards to the rapper from social media as well as her YouTube account!

As we previously reported Tasha lost a defamation lawsuit case earlier this year and has been ordered to cough up nearly $4 million dollars.

Since then Tasha also known as Latasha Kebe has responded by issuing an appeal. It has been stated that if she wins the appeal she may repost all of her claims about Cardi. However until then all content has to be removed immediately.

According to The Grio, Tasha has not yet removed any of the posted videos of Cardi.

As we previously reported Cardi testified in saying, “ I had suicidal thoughts every single day, to the point that I felt like I was being a burden to my family. My mother and husband noticed I wasn’t happy. Every time I woke up, I had anxiety.”

Tasha also responded following the judgment in saying, “We [called] bluff against a machine that wanted to bully me for not wavering from my personal beliefs, a machine that has corporate interests to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity and to glorify the violence that wreaks havoc on our society and in our neighborhoods.”

” It’s sold to our children as the ‘it’ factor. This machine, this thing, secured an extremely prejudicial verdict against myself and my company solely off of sympathy and payola.”

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