Cardi B And Sister Hennessy Carolina Take Home Win In 2020 Defamation Lawsuit Over Beach Altercation!



Cardi B and her little sister Hennessy Carolina have taken home a major win recently following the official dismissal of a defamation case brought against them by three beachgoers within a 2020 altercation!

According to Pagesix, the suit was filed within Suffolk County by the three plaintiffs upon claims that Hennessy and her friends had parked one of their cars in a position that blocked one of their vehicles.

The suit alleges that when one of the plaintiffs approached the driver identified as Hennessy’s girlfriend and she began recording the incident while screaming, ‘foul threatening language and defamatory statements.”

Together the three plaintiffs state that Hennessy accused them of being, “racist MAGA supporters”. The suit pinpoints that they have an issue with being called racists on camera.

Following the altercation, both Hennessy and her Cardi uploaded the video clip to their social media accounts of well over 130 million combined followers stating that they were targeted for Hennessy and her girlfriend for being Afro-Latina gay women. In response the plaintiffs accuse the former Love and Hip Hop cast mates of editing the recorded footage.

The suit alleges together the sisters removed, “portions thereof, and thereby hold plaintiffs in a false light, so as to tend to expose and in fact expose each plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule and disgrace and harm.” 

A New York judge has since dismissed the defamation, assault, and battery case upon grounds that Hennessy’s insults were too general and don’t meet the standards of any accusations of defamation.

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