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Las Vegas Police Confirm They Are Investigating Trey Songz Following Claims Of Sexual Assault Incident!



Trey Songz has been trending on social media all week following circulating reports of him being under investigation for sexual assault!

The Las Vegas Police Department has officially come forward to confirm that the beloved singer is in fact a suspect within a complaint forwarded about an incident that occurred at a hotel.

According to The Hill, Trey is cooperating with officials and no arrests have been made.

Though details are minimal at this time, this is definitely not his first rodeo of being accused of inappropriate behavior.
Essence magazine says that back in 2017 actress Keke Palmer accuser him of sexual intimidation. She had called him out in since deleted tweets for alleged sexual intimidation.

She said Trey also known as Tremaine Neverson had filmed her despite her wishes of not wanting to make a cameo in his video.

He denied her claims in a 2017 tweet by saying, “Babygirl. ” Point blank period. Got my number, coulda called, saw the cameras and the lights, heard action.”

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