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Zaire Wade Leaves Tongues Wagging As He Joins The G League Salt Lake City Stars Affiliated With The Utah Jazz!

-Angelot ndongmo-


Zaire Wade, son of 3X NBA Champ Dwayne Wade, has been catching some heat (pun intended), since it was announced he was set to sign with the Salt Lake City Stars, a Utah Jazz’s affiliate of which his Dad is a co-owner. 

Twitter was lit ablaze with gripes and groans, that the sentiment is he was getting this opportunity based strictly on nepotism. Not because he earned it, thus taking the spot from someone else who was more deserving. There were a few who staunchly defended the rising protege, who were confident in his ability to ball, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. 

There was a lot of talk as to whether Zaire would follow the G League rules, and enter in the draft to then be selected by the Stars, or if he would go undrafted and sign with the Stars afterwards, and then later down the line enter the NBA Draft and ride off into the sunset with a deal on his Dad’s NBA Team that he co-owns.

The uncertainty was officially put to rest today as just hours ago, Zaire Wade was selected by the Salt Lake City Stars in the NBA G League draft reports USA Today.

Let’s wish him and his family a warm Noironline congratulations as we put on our shades Cousins…because this prorogée’s future is burning bright 🔥

What say you Cousins? Would you put your family on if you could, based on the position you  hold?

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