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President Biden Makes History With 25% Permanent EBT ( Food Stamp) Program Increase!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


According to Business Insider, the white community has greatly benefited from U.S welfare programs. Meanwhile, the black community and people of color have been denied access in greater numbers and multiple occurrences, as it has been confirmed by historians and researchers.

The pandemic has exposed these disparities, and the U.S government has pumped a lot of much needed cash into the economy to sustain it; yet put the brakes on adopting a “wartime” economy that some experts urge is desperately needed.

Millions of households are still experiencing food insecurities. In a historic move, President Biden has decided to raise food stamp benefits permanently, for approximately 42 million people enrolled in the program. Recipients will see their amounts go up from $121 to around $157 every month reports CBS News.

Prior to the boost, a family of four would receive a max of $680 per month. Now a family of four could expect to receive a max of $835 per month. Food prices have skyrocketed and this much needed increase will help slightly more Americans afford a healthier diet.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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