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R.Kelly Album Sales Reportedly Increase By 500 Percent Following Conviction Verdict!


It appears that defamed singer and songwriter R. Kelly’s album sales have made a major leap following his recent conviction!

As we previously reported Kelly was found guilty back September for numerous counts of sex trafficking and Racketeering by a federal court in NYC.

According to The Hill his R&B projects are currently experiencing double digit streams and triple digit sales growth since he was identified as guilty.

Reports read that Kelly’s streams jumped from 11.3 million to 13.4 million and his audio streams rose by 22 percent along with his music video streams by 23 percent all in comparison to a week prior to the jury’s official verdict.

It has been indicated that Kelly’s music sales haven’t experienced a downward impact since being called out for years ago by his sexual abuse victims.

As of right now YouTube is the only platform to remove Kelly’s channel following his guilty verdict. Both RKellyTv and RKellyVevo have been deleted, “terminate a creator’s channels if they’re accused of a very egregious crime” or “should the creator be convicted or plead guilty,” reads a statement from YouTube in a forwarded statements

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