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JUSTICE FOR JELANI: Mother Of Jelani Day Left Searching For Answers Says Her Som Was Mutilated With Numerous Organs Missing!


The mother of Illinois state grad student Jelani Day is grieving the tragic loss of her son while searching for answers upon what happened to him exactly!

Carmen Bolden Day says she unable to truly lay Jelani to rest until all of her questions about his murder are answered. She confirms that his body was terribly mutilated with numerous organs missing.

Carmen opened up to attendees at Jelani’s funeral services over the weekend, where she went further into detail of the condition her sons body was in after being discovered. She says he was found with no organs.

According to the Chicago Sun Jelani’s corpse had no eyeballs, only sockets. The body was reportedly missing its front top and bottom teeth. An autopsy performed by a private forensic pathologist suggested that his jawbone had been “sawed out”.

Carmen wants answers that her and the rest of Jelani’s family rightfully deserves to make peace with the tragic murder of their loved one.

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