Reporters Are Left Reeling After Nicki Minaj’s Rage Intensifies, Claims Her Family In Trinidad Is Being Harassed Following Anti-Vaccination Tweets!

-Angelot NdongmO-


Y’all know Nicki Minaj is not one to back down from controversy!

“She has a body like Marilyn and a mouth like Eminem” says the Guardian , so it’s no wonder her public beefs are as legendary as her hit records.

The Trinidadian born rapper has taken the gloves off and unleashed a verbal pummeling on critics, who expressed disdain towards her most recent thoughts on the COVID Vaccine.

According to Blavity, she stated  “her cousin’s friend who allegedly experienced adverse health complications after getting the shot”. Trinidad and Tobago’s Health Minister has since then can’t forward to argue that those statements were false.

As we previously reported Nicki tweeted that she would not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine until she’s completed more research for herself.

A reporter by the name of Sharlene Rampersad, got caught in the hit maker’s crosshairs after joining the queue of critics. Ms Rampersad felt it was a misguided position to share publicly and feels Miss Minaj doesn’t care or know about T&T’s state of emergency. Nicki wasted no time lambasting the investigative reporter as per Blavity. She ended with a not so thinly veiled warning:

“Threatening my family in Trinidad won’t bode well for you,” she left as an ominous warning before sharing a picture of the woman.”

The situation intensified and in a surprising move, Nicki released the phone numbers of reporters who had contacted her family.

Nicki Minaj has garnered a lot of attention for her recent comments. It remains unclear if the rapper will bury the hatchet with critics. One thing is for certain, she will have the last word.

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