Racist Army Sergeant Found Guilty For Assaulting Black Male In Viral Video Clip!


An official verdict had been reached within a two day bench trial involving suspended Fort Jackson, South Carolina, drill sergeant Jonathan Pentland following a viral video clip of him harassing a young Black male!

Jonathan has been found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery for the April incident taking place outside of his Columbia, South Carolina home reports Army Times .

Within the widely circulated clip Jonathan can be both seen and heard verbally and physically assaulting Deandre Williams, 22.

A judge has ordered Jonathan to either pay $1,087 dollars or serve 30 days in jail. However his attorney argues that he was actually the victim and that Deandre was a threat to the neighborhood.

“I stand by what I did,” said Jonathan in court.

Court documents read that one of his neighbors testified in court that Deandre was behaving strange which allegedly caused her to knock on a neighbors door seeking help.

However Deandre’s father has come forward to state had suffered brain damage after dealing with lymphoma — a type of cancer.

“He doesn’t quite understand things as we would,” said his father.

Though he has expressed that he doesn’t feel he behaved wrongly Jonathan has issued an apology to his community by saying, “It’s embarrassing to the community, I’m sorry for the way it escalated, anybody looking back at this, you can watch that video and 100 percent see that it looks worse than it is. I did what I felt I had to do to protect my friends and family.”

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