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Lamar Odom Hit With Lawsuit Following Reportedly Missed Car Payments Of $688.40 For His Ex Fiance Sabrina Parr Vehicle!


Lamar Odom is currently facing a lawsuit from the U.S Bank Leasing company for a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban SUV following alleged reports that he hasn’t completed a monthly payment since 2020!

Official court documents obtained by TMZ detail that a letter informing Lamar that his monthly payments of $668.40 hasn’t been forwarded in well over a year dating back all the way to February.15th, 2020.

The company I s currently requesting a full payment of $35,116.46 or return of the vehicle. However they claim Lamar hasn’t responded to neither of their proposals.

Lamar hasn’t addressed the claims publicly however his rep says, “ This was not his car, it was purchased for his ex. The courts are doing what they have to do.’“

Lanar and Sabrina Parr were engaged to wed last year however they broke up shortly before making it to the altar.

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