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Detroit Woman Drags Male Out Of Barbershop By His Hair After Reportedly Stealing Her Car!


A Detroit woman took the law into her own hands after personally tracking down the suspect responsible for stealing her Mercedes Benz!

According to Yahoo News, Bianca Chambers began her search for her stolen vehicle on social media with posts on Facebook that reportedly went viral. She organized detailed tips to help find her car throughout the city.

Sources confirmed that the tips lead her to the same strip mall where she owns a boutique. Bianca then tracked the car for a total of three days and calling the police each time she discovered the thief’s marked location. Unfortunately each time the police arrived the suspect was reported as gone.

Bianca decide the final time she discovered the marked location of her vehicle she went herself and got her car back.

Reports read that the alleged thief went and made a pitstop at a local barbershop on Wednesday.

A now viral video clip shared on social media shows Bianca confronting the suspected thief.

“I went inside, asked him if that was his car, and I hit him,” she told The Detroit News. The clip shows Bianca grabbing the suspected thief by his loca and dragging him out of the babershop.

“I slashed all the tires and I thought that he was gonna take off and I didn’t know how long it was going to take for the police to pull up. And I refused to let him pull off again,” she said.

It has been indicated that following the incident witnesses made a citizen arrest. Police officials then arrived on the scene and arrested the man, whose name has not been released at this time.

Deputy Chief Rudy Harper says, “Officers said the individuals who helped detain the man did not perform a proper citizen’s arrest.”

“But that wasn’t a citizen’s arrest; it was a felonious assault. She even admits on the video that she assaulted the man.”

“Well, I guess I would’ve just taken the assault charge, then,” says Bianca. “I mean, this guy is cruising around in my car. Now, he’s getting his hair done, about to pick whoever up and go joyriding. That’s just wrong.”

Reports read that the accused thief has a history of car thefts. He is said to not press charges against Chambers for assaulting him.

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