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Saweetie Speaks On The Returning Gifts After A Break Up,” If It’s Mine It’s Mine!”


The Icy girl Saweetie is dishing out notes on breaking up etiquette while also sharing her own views on returning gifts once a couple decide to go their separate ways!

It’s been a short while since Saweetie and Migos group member Quavo decided to publicly call it quits and ever since then the rumors surrounding her gifted Bentley have been circulating of him repossessing it.

In a recently published interview with Complex, Saweetie was asked if a person should give back the gifts their ex gave them once the relationship is over.

She reportedly responded with the mint green Birkin bag sitting beside her that Quavo previously purchased her and saying, ‘I mean… If it’s mine, it’s mine.’”

Though Saweetie hasn’t ever gone in detail or answered any of the rumors or subliminal messages tossed her way about their relationship she always speaks through her social media content and off guard symbolism.

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