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Trevante Rhodes Lands Role Of Mike Tyson In Upcoming Biopic Series, ‘Iron Mike’ On Hulu!


Congratulations are in order for actor Trevante Rhodes as he has officially been named to star in the Hulu biopic series Iron Mike !

Trevante is set to take on the role of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson in the eight part series reports Deadline.

‘Iron Mike’ promises to to provide a behind the scenes look into the life of Tyson from the uprising high points in his career and his lowest.

“Biographical pictures are a fan favorite and a staple of the movie and and television business and frequently the subjects are not involved. We have a strategy of taking a modern lens and applying it to stories and figures of popular culture of the past,” says President of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals Craig Erwich.

We’ve had a lot of success doing that and I think it reveals interesting things, not just about where we’ve been but where we are so we’re looking forward to continuing the creative conversations behind Iron Mike.”

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