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T.I Responds To New Accusers Claims Of Alleged Sexual Assault Incidents From 2005 And 2010; States He Hasn’t Been Contacted By Police!


Two new accusers have joined the series of women currently accusing Atlanta couple TI and Tiny Harris for alleged sexual assault incidents!

According to NBC News , within the last two months two women have come forward with sexual assault accusations dating back more than 10 years ago.

Reports read that a woman identified as Rachelle Jenkins has told the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that in 2010 while she was within the ladies room at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas she was approached by Tiny also known as Tameka Harris. She states that the singer asked her to hang out with her and her husband for the night.

Rachelle goes on to say that she met the couple within a hotel room at the Venetian Resort where she was allegedly given a shot of Patron by Tiny and she soon began to feel dizzy.

“When Jenks was offered a clear bag of white powder by Harris about fifteen minutes later, she used it as she was still feeling dizzy and confused from her shot of Patron,” reads reports.

Rachelle tells officials that, “Clifford attempted to remove her clothes, which Jenks said no to as he was being too aggressive and moving too quickly.”

She continues by saying that multiple women had come in and out of the room and that she performed oral sex on Tiny and had sexual intercourse with T.I but only because she was under the influence.

Rachelle adds that T.I. then took her ID and forced her to go to Los Angeles and Miami. She has told officials that T.I. pressured her to have sex with him again on a tour bus in Los Angeles, then in Miami and she was “forced to have sex with multiple women that I did not know.”

Sources have confirmed that a report was filed with Las Vegas police on May 8, but it has been indicated that the alleged 2010 incident fell outside of the statute of limitations.

Seeing how Nevada changed their state law in 2015 to extend the statute of limitations from four years to 20 years, the incident does not apply retroactively to crimes reported after the lawful change.

Another woman came forward in April with similar claims of a 2005 incident where she states, T.I. and Tiny were at a club when she was offered a sip of the singer’s drink. The woman says her and her friend each took a sip. She said the drink “tasted like Patron” and “at no time did victim see Tiny drink any of her own beverage.”

The anonymous woman says after, T.I. invited the woman to leave with him and Tiny, noting that her that her friend could not come. She says that they brought her to their LA hotel room.

“Victim stated she was used to drinking but had never experienced blacking out like she did that night,” reads an official report. When she talked to her friend, who had also taken a sip of Tiny’s drink, the friend said she had also gotten very sick.”

She goes on to say Tiny invited her into the bathroom and took off her clothes. “T.I. then came into the bathroom naked. All three got into the shower and TI told victim she looked better naked,” reads reports.

She says, Tiny washed her and T.I. and then the three went to a bed. “T.I. turned on a pornographic show, handed victim a bottle of baby oil, and told her to rub his back,” the report states.

Tiny allegedly was sliding up and down the woman’s back naked as she began to feel sick. She says T.I. then penetrated her with his toes and she reportedly told him to stop.

She says that T.I. all allegedly said he was going to go get a condom and she went to the bathroom to throw up. She says she woke up on a couch, naked, the next morning. “Her vagina was very sore and had a burning/itching sensation,” 

“Victim believes there was something in Tiny’s drink that made her blackout because she could not have blacked out from the two drinks she had that evening. Victim had taken a drink from Tiny’s glass approximately an hour to an hour and a half before blacking out.”

Both women are currently being represented by Attorney Tyrone Blackburn, he has said within a forwarded statement that he is “pleased with the latest development from the LAPD. They showed great concern and are moving forward with an investigation.”

However, The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed on Monday that they’re actively investigating T.I. but have forwarded no specifics on the most recent allegations. They’ve also indicated that the LAPD is not investigating Tiny.

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