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Usher Shuts Down Rumors That He Paid A Stripper With Fake Cash In Las Vegas!


Usher’s found himself in the midst of a scandal on Monday after a dancer called him out on social media for allegedly tipping with fake dollar bills that had his face plastered all over them in Las Vegas!

Social media user @Beel0ove took to Instagram with pictures of the ‘Usher bucks’ that came in $1, $20, and $100 dollar bills.

She then asked her followers, “Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??

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She made it seemed as if she had actually got paid with the counterfeit bills for her services rendered, and demanded Usher to be called out passing the funny money.

However according to TMZ the situation went an entirely different route.

Sources have confirmed that Usher and his team went to Sapphire located in Vegas and that they’d spent thousands of dollars that evening.

A representative of the club states that Usher had spent a nice amount of real cash on the dancers as well as bottle service.

It has been indicated that a member of Usher’s camp did indeed leave behind a few ‘Usher Bucks’ on the club’s stage as both a joke and promotion for the singer’s new Vegas residency.

But still, Usher and Co. did pay cash the entire evening including the dance he received to the point they’ve been requested to come back.

We’re not sure what the young woman’s motive was but it appears her posts were completely misleading. Cousins, what y’all think?

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