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North Carolina Couple Charged With Murder Of Pregnant Black Woman Found Stuffed In A Suitcase!


A North Carolina couple have been arrested and charged within the case of a murdered pregnant woman found stuffed within a suitcase!

According to Yahoo News Brittany Smith, 28 was six months pregnant with a baby boy when her family reported her missing.

Sources have confirmed that Brittany’s body was found on February 8th stuffed in a suitcase within the Neuse River Area in Piedmont, North Carolina.


Thomas Clayton Johnson, 37 and Emmalei Grace Trevathan, 24 were arrested on February 12th during a traffic stop for involvement in Brittany’s death. The couple is currently being held at the Wake Detention Center.

It has been indicated that Brittany’s boyfriend Cody Page had been questioned by officials for her disappearance but he was never a suspect.

Cody informed local authorities that he noticed a text message between Brittany and Thomas where he states he would pick her up and that he never saw her again after that.

“That woman was my heart and soul. She was my backbone. She was the answer to my question. I actually feel physical pain because my other half is gone,” Page states. “I’ll never be able to hug my baby again.”

Reports read that Thomas and Emmalei were overcoming addiction and lived together within a tent of a home owner by the name of Dale Williams.


A medical report sites Brittany’s cause of death as strangulation.

The couple is currently being held for murder of Brittany, her unborn child and concealment of a body.

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