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Malia Obama Set To Write For Donald Glover’s Upcoming Streaming Series With Amazon Prime!


Congratulations are in order as Barack Obama‘s eldest daughter Malia Obama has reportedly been named as an official writer for Donald Glover ‘s new streaming series on Amazon Prime!

According to the NY Post , Glover’s eight figure production deal will consist of numerous television projects.

Reports read that the newest project set for release is titled, “ Hive”. Alongside Malia will be fellow writer Janine Nabers, who has been noted as the writers team leader.

Sources have confirmed that there is currently little to no detail surrounding the series, however the show is set to depict the life of a Beyonce type character.

Malia is a student at Harvard University and is set to graduate in 2021. Though she has completed multiple A-list internships, this project will be her first job within the entertainment business.

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