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Louisiana Sanitation Workers Help Police Save 10 Year Old Girl From Registered Sex Offender!


A group of sanitation workers have been deemed heroes after helping police officials save a 10 year girl in response to an amber alert!

Dion Merrill and another sanitation worker contacted local police on Monday when they discovered a gray car in a field with a ten year old girl inside of it, reports Blavity

Sources have confirmed that the Amber alert was originally issued Sunday night when the young girl had been reported missing. It had been indicated that she was last seen getting into a gray 2012 Nissan Altima with 33 year old registered sex offender Michael R. Sereal. It had been noted that he had a 2006 juvenile conviction on his record.

Reports read that the 10 year old was at her family’s house at the time she was taken.

Dion took to social media to record police officials arresting Michael.

”I had just seen this gray car parked in the field. That was the dude who had that little 10-year-old. I just saved that little girl’s life, bruh. Thank God. They got him, now,” says Dion.

Michael can be heard within the video screaming at the police.

St. Martin Parish, Louisiana officials thanked both of the sanitation workers for their help.

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