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Donald Trump Makes History As The First President To Ever Be Impeached TWICE!!


Breaking news officially confirms that Donald Trump has not only been impeached once but TWO times, making him the first Commander in Chief in history to ever do so!

The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon following the votes from the US House of Representatives, reports TMZ

It has been indicated that for this go round oh Donnie boy was tried for a single article of impeachment consisting of incitement and of insurrection.

Reports read that majority of the house voted to forward motion of impeachment including Republicans.

Sources have confirmed that the impeachment vote derives from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump by utilizing the 25th amendment or they’ll do it with another impeachment. Pence ultimately declined and stated its time to move on and heal.

It is no secret that Trump’s second impeachment derives directly from him encouraging his mob of supporters to invade the US Capitol last week Wednesday, which not only caused major havoc and endangered lives but also amplified public display of hate and violence.

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