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Hashtag LLC Twitter Trends After Social Media Users Share Janky Advice On How To Flip Your Stimulus Checks!


As you know our family over on our Black Twitter side is a force you don’t want to mess with when it comes down to sharing falsified information.

The latest debate consists of the hashtag ‘ LLC TWITTER” which directly calls out social media users for issuing nutty advice on how to flip your stimmy coins into an empire.

Things kicked off when a few Twitter users went viral for a post that insists the bridge between where you are now and your alleged destined millions begins with purchasing an LLC.

Black Twitter users chimed in immediately advocating for the much needed educational factors and experience it takes to even fathom the though of staring a business. While also shaming LLC Twitter for proposing scams and illegal ways to flip stimmy checks.

We are glad that this debate provided much appreciated and useful dialogue on entrepreneurship from a business aspect. Cousins what are your thoughts on this?

Please pass this info along to protect your and someone you may know coins from any false promises!

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