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Update: Additional Officers Involved In Fatal Breonna Taylor Raid Set For Termination!


Two additional cops are set to be fired from the Louisville Metro Police department for their direct involvement within the wrongful raid and murder of Breonna Taylor!

According to TMZ detectives Joshua Jaynes and Myles Cosgrove have officially received pre-termination papers from Louisville Metro Police department Chief Yvette Gentry.

Sources have confirmed that Cosgrove was present at the raid of Breonna’s apartment and fired shots.

Though it has been indicated that Jaynes was not present at the time of the fatal incident, he did file the paperwork to a judge for the search warrant.

Reports read that Jaynes directly stated the filed paperwork was based on information he received from a postal inspector that suspected Breonna‘s ex boyfriend and drug suspect had been receiving packages at her home. However Jaynes later confessed that he never verified that information with the post office.

The pre-termination papers site extreme violations on made by both detectives. Jaynes and Cosgrove are set to attend a pre-termination hearing on Thursday, stick with us for updates!

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