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Alabama Woman Raising 12 Kids On Her Own Following Death Of Her Sister And Brother-in-law Due To COVID-19!


An Alabama woman is currently raising 12 children on her own following the horrific death of her sister and brother in law due to COVID-19.

According to the NY Post the couple died exactly one month apart from one another.

Though Francesca McCall, 40 had five children of her own, without hesitation she stepped in to care for her nieces and nephews.

“We always used to have discussions like, ‘if anything happened to any of us,’ we knew that we wouldn’t want our children to be separated.” Sources have confirmed that the children range within ages 2 to 17.

Reports read that Francesca’s younger sister Chantal McCall, 35 had contracted the virus while working in health care services.

It has been indicated that Chantal’s death serves as a complete shock to her family. “She was in the health care field and she did all the precautions,” states Francesca.


“She wore the mask. She wore the gloves. She was very, very careful, so we have no idea how she came into contact.”

Reports read that Chantal had experienced trouble breathing and was taken to UAB hospital where she ultimately passed away in September.

Sadly Chantal’s husband Lance Martin,40 passed away a month later at the same hospital due to COVID-19.

“Doctors called us in to say our last goodbyes and I told her she didn’t have to worry,” Francesca told local news. 

“I was going to make sure that I took care of her kids. I know that is what she would do for me.”

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