Legendary Musician Lenny Kravitz Reveals Him And Tisha Martin Campbell Martin Had Dated!


Legendary artist, song writer and now author Lenny Kravitz has recently spilled some disclosed details of his dating life as he revealed that he had dated multitalented actress Tisha Campbell!

In his recently released book Let Love Rule, Lenny breaks down how he met Tisha exactly. It appears that he was auditioning for a play under the name of ‘ The Me Nobody Knows’ while in California, reports Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

He stated that he had originally came to the audition to support a friend, however a casting director saw him and encouraged him to try out for the part. It has been indicated that he got the part and ultimately met Tisha.

Within the book Lenny speaks on his amazement of Tisha’s hazel eyes noting that he “couldn’t stop staring” at them. He was also infatuated with her singing voice and personality. Lenny described Tisha of having street smarts and swagger,” which drew him in deeper.

Reports read that the Lenny lived with Tisha and her family at one point, however once her career began to kick off she wasn’t home for long period of times and they were forced to break up.

Tisha spoke publicly for the very first time about her and Lenny’s relationship on Oprah’s “Girlfriend Check In” where she confirms that they dated for 3 years.

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