Memoir Dedicated To The Life And Legacy Of R&B Singer Aaliyah Reportedly In The Works!


The Princess of R&B, Aaliyah’s musical catalogue has not yet been forwarded to the public but fans of the beautiful and legendary artist will soon be able to take a deeper look into her life and legacy as reports are circulating of a possible memoir on her behalf set for release next year!

Baby Girl : Better Known As Aaliyah will be written by author and journalist Kathy Landoli, reports Hip Hop DX.

Sources have confirmed that the memoir is set for release on August 21st, 2021 ahead of Aaliayh’s twenty year tragic death anniversary.

It has been indicated that the book will depict the singer’s life outside of music and the public eye within never told before stories of her personal life.

Reports read that the book will also dive into the, “volatile entanglement with R.Kelly and an intense investigation on the crash that ended her life,” reads a forwarded statement from a recent press conference.

“I wrote this book as an Aaliyah fan,” Iandoli states. “This is for all of us who for the last twenty years can spot her influence everywhere, while wishing she was still here. I left no stone unturned, and I hope I’ve added to her legacy properly.”

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