Father Dresses Up In Blackface And Fake Beard To Kill His Daughter’s Mother!


If Caucasity we’re word it would definitely be this fella right here. A white Texas father is currently facing murder charges after he recently killed his daughter’s mother while dressed in Blackface and a fake beard!

Andrew Charles, 31 repeatedly stabbed and shot the mother of his 1 year old daughter’s mother Alyssa Burkett, 24 when she arrived to work on October 2nd, reports the New York Post.

Sources have confirmed that upon the responding officers arrival Alyssa had suffered a direct gunshot wound to her head and numerous stab wounds while being tested by co-workers.

Reports read that bystanders initially described the suspect as a Black man however it was later discovered that Andrew had been wearing face makeup and a fake beard at the time.

It has been indicated that officials later discovered a vehicle that obtained makeup removal wipes that consisted of brown substance, a makeup brush, a trash bag, a kitchen knife, a screw driver, and two bottle of dark brown liquid foundation.

Also within an abandoned SUV there had been a pair of work boots that officers state had been cut into pieces and apparently soaked in bleach. After a further search they discovered a fake beard that had makeup stains on it.

According to investigators Andrew and Alyssa were undergoing an intense custody battle. Alyssa had even established a GoFundMe page to help with legal fees with an official statement that read, “At this point, I am scared for my life and my daughters [sic] life,” the post said. “It has been made clear this man will do whatever it takes to cut me out of the picture and I’m worried that what is coming next will be worse.”

Andrew is currently being held in Dallas County Jail with a bail set a $1 million dollars.

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