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#Update: Bobby Shmurda Denied Parole, Set To Remain In Jail Until 2021!


We’ve just gotten word that after six years popular #Brooklyn , #NewYork rapper #BobbyShmurda has officially been denied bail and will remain behind bars until 2021!

According to TMZ , Bobby was denied parole sometime last week after a meeting with the board. Sources have confirmed that there has been no indication as of why but it’s belived that he’s set to remain in jail until the max of his sentence December. 11th of next year.
Reports read that Bobby added on to his charges throughout the years with a total of 11 violations consisting of drug possession, fighting and possession of a weapon.
Sources have confirmed that Bobby copped a plea deal back in 2016 to conspiracy to posses a weapon and possessions of weapons. It has been noted that the major charges of conspiracy to commit a murder were however disallowed which would’ve left him in prison from 6 to 7 years. Bobby has been behind bars since 2014.

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