R. Kelly Reportedly Attacked By Fellow Inmate In Chicago Jail!


Word on the streets is #RKelly has reportedly had the paws laid on him directly by a fellow inmate in his prison!

The altercation took place in Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, reports TMZ.

Sources have confirmed that R.Kelly was sitting on his bed within his cell when the unidentified inmate came inside and repeatedly punched him in the face.

Reports read that the inmate was angry because their facility kept being placed on lockdown due to R.Kelly protestors outside of the jail.

It has been indicated that the fight didn’t last very long, however there’s been no word on how it ended exactly. Facility officials have confirmed that R.Kelly suffered no injuries or broken bones.

There’s been no word on the other inmate’s injuries. It has been stated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons that specific information pertaining to the incident is strictly confidential.


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