#FREESZA Trends On Twitter Following SZA’s Remarks That Her Label Is Delaying The Release Of New Music!


we all can agree that it’s been a long three years since the release of #SZA ‘s celebrated album #CTRL. Though we have absolutely no problem with throwing her old tracks on again and again however, we can’t help but to anticipate some new tunes.

It appears that after years of questioning and requests from fans of details of when we all can expect a new project #SZA has officially broken her silence and revealed that her label of Top Dawg is standing in her way of doing such.

Yesterday on #Twitter SZA interacted with one of her fans upon an update of when we can expect something new and she replied, “At this point y’all gotta ask Punch. I’ve done all I can do.” It has been indicated that Punch is also known as Terrence “ Punch” Henderson, the president of Top Dawg Entertainment.

Moments later another fan chimed in and asked what was the climate of SZA’s relationship with the label, was it hostile and she replied, “ BEEN HOSTILE!”
Without hesitation SZA fan’s directly got in contact with Punch and asked him when could they expect new tunes from SZA , and screenshot his answer with the words reading, “soon.” SZA replied shortly by saying, “This is all he says to me as well. Welcome to my f****** life.” It wasn’t long before Twitter users created the hashtag #FreeSZA to help apply pressure on the executive of Top Dawg to allow SZA to release a new project of some sort.

The hashtag gained major transition as users began to voice their disgust of record labels holding artists and their music on a shelf instead of letting them be great. Punch then replied dramatically, “I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings.” He went on to say. “I’m gonna remember you n****s once the meet and greets pop off again.”

According to Cosmopolitan SZA is also signed to RCA Records who reportedly has a track record of holding artists back from releasing new music such as Normani, and Tinashe.


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