Grand Jury To Investigate Death Of Black Protestor At The Hands Of White Bar Owner!


A white Omaha, Nebraska bar owner faces zero charges for recently killing a young black protestor after officials deem the crime justifiable under self defense!

#JamesScurlock , 22 was shot and killed by local bar owner #JacobGardner of both the Hive and Gatsby bar around 12AM Saturday morning, reports CBS News.

Sources have confirmed that the incident took place amidst a protest against police brutality and the murder of Mr #GeorgeFloyd.

Reports read that entire ordeal derived from an altercation involving Gardner’s father who pushed multiple protestors asking them to leave the bar. The physical altercation further escalated with Gardner then pointing a gun after he was reportedly attacked in the street by two protestors. It has been stated that he originally fired two shots in the air that didn’t hit anyone.


Reports read that surveillance footage shows Scurlock on Gardner’s back and he allegedly screams get off of me multiple times. Gardner then shot the young boy within his collarbone area. He was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

“Mr. Gardner, as we know now, has said, ‘I did what I did to defend myself,’ and we find that we can’t disprove that from the evidence that we have,” states Gardner’s attorney Don Kleine. He concludes by stating that his client acted in self defense and it wasn’t racially driven.

It has recently been confirmed that Scurlock’s murder is currently under investigation by the Grand Jury.

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