112 Members Daron Jones And Quinnes Parker Will Not Participate In Verzuz Battle With Jagged Edge!


The music battle we’ve all been waiting for is going down this #MemorialDay weekend, as hit R&B groups #JaggedEdge and #112 gear up to go toe to toe within the next VERZUZ live series. However there may be a slight but obvious awkwardness as only two out of the four original 112 members will be present.

Singers Daron Jones and Quinnes Parker both took to their personal Instagram pages yesterday to announce that they both won’t be participating in the upcoming event. Jones and Parker highlighted the notion that due to a present legal issue that hasn’t been settled, they won’t be present for the battle.
The statement reads,. “Q and I never quit 112 nor our fans,” Daron wrote within a Instagram post reports Complex Magazine. “This is a fabricated lie and it is not our narrative.”

It has been indicated that the legal issues derives from a trademark infringement suit 112 member Slim placed on Daron and Q.

“It breaks my heart to have to engage in a lengthy, costly legal battle against the former members of the group,” Slim tells Bossip within a previous interview. “However, countless promoters and agencies have notified us that Q and Daron, and their handlers, keep advertising the ‘112’ Name, despite knowing we own the mark and have humbly asked them to stop using it.”

Sources have confirmed that obtained court documents note that Daron and Q have reportedly been using the 112 name when performing even though they are allegedly not apart of the group.

There’s been no word from either VERZUZ head runners Swizz Beatz or Timbaland about canceling the upcoming event scheduled for Monday 8PM EST.


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