#ItsGoingDown: Jagged Edge And 112 Named Next In Line For VERZUZ Music Battle!


We are excited to announce hit 90’s and 2000’s R&B groups 112 and Jagged Edge have been declared as next in line to hit the ring for the ultimate VERZUZ music battle!

According to Hiphop DX a source close to both groups confirmed the big news Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier this month VERZUZ head runners #SwizzBeatz and #Timbaland had teased at the possibility of the epic battle taking place but never fully confirmed the details.

Within the shared clip Swizz states, “Jagged Edge verses 112, can you make that happen? Can you make that happen JD [Jermaine Dupri], because a lot of people see what they want to see, but can you pick up the phone and make that happen? I would love to see Jagged Edge versus 112. Get him on the phone JD, let’s go.”

Timbaland then replied, “Come on now, don’t play no games.”

Since the beginning of time Jagged Edge and 112 have often been in conversation as to whose the better group. However for most R&B fans theres no need for comparison just pure admiration of good music.

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