Christina Millian Set To Star In Remote Reality TV Series For Facebook Watch!


Beloved mother, singer and actress #ChristinaMillian is set to star in remotely produced reality television show for #FacebookWatch!

” What Happens At Home” reality series will provide an in-depth and intimate look behind the scenes of Millians’s life while in quarantine.


The series will show how she’s coping with missing her favorite foods to keeping up a fitness routine reports Deadline. The show will also provide fun and priceless moments shared between Millian and her kids as she comes up with fun ways to keep her children entertained while even dabbling in #TikTok challenges.

Sources confirm that the entire series has been filmed remotely with Millian being her own camera and tech team due to social distancing regulations. However she is working producers to help the series from her home. “I’ve already been having a good time filming myself in my habitat. It’s great I get to show the ins and outs of all the crafty, fun things I like to do when I’m at home,” says Millian. ‘“Sometimes I’m good at things and sometimes I’m not – I think we all can relate. I love my family and I love to be home and bond, so this quarantine has been a great time for me to focus on what’s important”

“ Whats Happens At Home” produced by Kin, is set to to air on May 14th!

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