CUNY Student’s Issue Petition To Shut Down In-Person Classes Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic!

#Cousins , as cases of the Coronavirus within #NewYorkCity increase, officials have taken the necessary precautions of shutting down numerous college campuses. However they’ve failed to do the same for colleges under the City University of New York system, which has caused students to question the overall motive!

According to the BKYLNER , several New York universities have shut down all in person classes and completely reverted to online following fear of the COVID-19 virus spreading more than it already has.
At this present time CUNY has been keeping an open line of communication with students as they monitor the trend within the virus, however they haven’t mentioned the closing of any of the campuses under their umbrella.


Officials have come forward to state, “The cases have raised CUNY’s level of concern, and Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez is preparing for the possibility of our campuses, offices, and neighborhoods being impacted by the virus. Please be assured that CUNY is taking the threat of coronavirus very seriously, and actively preparing to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, along with the continuity of our operations across a range of scenarios.”

Within efforts of getting school officials to change their tune and deem the alarming spreading of the virus life threatening, CUNY students have created a petition titled “Save the CUNY Students”. Sources have confirmed that a total of 31,000 people have already signed and there is expected to be many more to come.

The petition reads, “Governor [Andrew] Cuomo has acknowledged that we still do not have the necessary testing capabilities Cite. We, therefore, most likely have students who unknowingly are sick and spreading the virus. It is known that one who is asymptotic can still spread the virus Cite meaning students may not even show signs of being sick when they in reality are.”

The petition continues , “We request that CUNY, a public university, take precautions like other private/public schools and close (or move classes online) while state officials learn more about COVID-19 to limit the spreading of the virus along [with] students and faculty,” the petition continued. “Many of CUNY’s students and faculty have been exposed to people who are now in quarantine or were previously in quarantine. Students’ education should not come at the cost of their health.”

Though all 25 campuses remain open at this time CUNY has forwarded tips to students to help prevent the spread of the virus such as washing your hands with soap.

Here’s the link to sign the official “Save The CUNY Students” petition:

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