NBA Renames All-Star MVP Award After The Late Kobe Bryant!

#Cousins ; as the world continues to mourn the tragic and untimely passing of basketball legend #KobeBryant , the NBA is working hard to assure that the iconic basketball player is honored within every realm imaginable!

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has recently announced that the world renowned All-Star MVP award will now officially be named after the late Kobe Bryant. The news was revealed Saturday afternoon at a press conference, reports TMZ.


Sources have confirmed that during the press conference Silver took the time to shed light on both Kobe as well as former long time commissioner David Stern. careers; who had also passed this year.

Silver went on to highlight Kobe’s long list of achievements; while also acknowledging the fact that it was Kobe’s and Stern’s impeccable work ethic that allowed them to make history within the NBA.

Bryant earned a total of 4 All-Star MVP awards, set the record for 18 consecutive All-Star game appearances and is praised for his classic 1997 slam dunk contest win.

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