Disturbing New Evidence Revealed In Case Of Clark Atlanta University Student Alexis Crawford Death!

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#Cousins ; the tragic murder of Clark Atlanta senior #AlexisCrawford is getting more and more disturbing by the minute. As time progresses and underlying details are revealed; we can only pray that justice ultimately is fully served in Alexis’s name.


According to Atlanta Black Star ; accused suspect and former roommate/friend Jordyn Jones,21 was denied bail at a hearing on Thursday morning. Sources have confirmed that the judge denied Jones bail due to flight risk. Reports read hours after killing Crawford, Jones had took the necessary steps of withdrawing from school and had plans of moving back home. The judge fears if granted bail Jones would flee and not return for trial.


Jones is currently being accused of suffocating Crawford with a plastic garbage bag. Jones boyfriend Barron Bentley is also accused of strangling Crawford to death with his bare hands.

Prior to Crawford’s disappearance she had filed a complaint against Brantley upon unwanted kissing and touching. It has recently been indicated within that Crawford also told police officials that she had been drinking in her apartment with Jones and Brantley at they’re off campus apartment. The next morning she states she woke up partially naked with ripped underwear.
As of Thursday afternoon, court documents revealed that Brantley’s DNA was found inside of Crawford. It has been indicated that Jones attempted to cover up the fact that Brantley rapped Crawford and even tried to convince her family that nothing had happened.


Jones is currently being held at Fulton County Jail; her next court hearing is scheduled for February 10th, 2020.

Brantley is scheduled for a court hearing on Friday.

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