Fatal School Shooting Leaves 2 Students Dead And Multiple Injured!

#Cousins ; two individuals have been pronounced dead and multiple injured after a Southern , #California student committed a mass shooting at his High school upon his sixteenth birthday!

According to #ABCNews ; the incident took place at 7:38AM during what has been declared as Zero Period. The period serves as a space where participating students work on extracurricular activities.

Sources have confirmed that a 16 year old boy entered Saugus High Thursday morning and began to open fire at multiple classmates upon his arrival. Two students have been identified as deceased and three students have been left injured.

Reports read that official footage from the incident has been retrieved and shows the gunman when he initially removed the weapon from his backpack. It has been indicated that he shot a total of 5 students and ultimately turned the gun to himself, releasing a bullet into his head.

Hundreds of students and teachers barricade their classrooms for safety until it was declared safe as officers detained the shooter. Officials state that they recovered a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol with no remaining bullets.

“I just started running,” recalls a student. “There was girls falling in front of me and I tried to help them up, then just kept running ’cause I didn’t want to get hurt, either.”

The gunmen has been taken into police custody and is currently being hospitalized. He has been listed as “ under grave condition.”

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