School Security Guard Reinstated After Being Fired For Refusing To Allow A Student To Call Him The N-Word!

A long standing school security guard was terminated under a zero tolerance policy after refusing to allow a disruptive student to call him the N word!

According to #BuzzFeed ; Marlon Anderson, 48 of Madison West High School was fired last week during an incident with a student.
Sources have confirmed that the incident began when the student had pushed the school’s assistant principal. As Wilson was escorting the student off the premises who has also been identified as being black; out of the school on Oct. 8th— the student began to curse him out and called him a “ B***h a*** N***a!” In response Wilson repeated the racial slur and told him to not call him that.

Reports read Anderson had worked within the same school district for 11years and was terminated one week from the incident. Madison Metropolitan School District had stated that their decision derived from their zero tolerance policy for the use of racial slurs.


Anderson’s unfair termination sparked outrage within his community and around the world. Numerous students, faculty members and educators came together to protest against this injustice . A petition has been forwarded with over 11,800+ signatures which demanded Wilson receive his job back.


“I have cried so much watching you guys on social media my head lost weight,” the former security guard states on Friday after another protest. “Today America witnessed the best of us, many different races, faiths, cultures, all together.”

Wilson’s son Noah Anderson,17 came forward during one of the protests to speak upon the treatment of his dad as well. “There has been tension in the MMSD for a while, and my dad just had to be a sacrifice for it. “Anything that has to do with us, our voices will be heard from now on,”Anderson states at Friday’s protest. “We started with just being straight up with them, what we wanted as students, and that we want our voices to be heard any time you make any type of decision. And that they need to go into the communities any time they make a decision that affects a certain group of people.”

Wilson shared how this incident has negatively affected his family as well as his health.
“The reality is I did not just loose wages but also benefits. Most importantly we will soon be without health insurance… which makes the loss that much more impactful to myself and my family.”

Sources have confirmed that Anderson is dependent on insulin and is dyer need of health insurance.

Anderson states that he hopes that after this incident the School will evaluate their policy and take the necessary steps to make a meaningful change.

“We have been labeled this word, that was given to us in oppression, to pretty much keep us in those chains mentally that we used to be in physically,” he told the newspaper. “The problem is [kids] identify their skin as that word … I try to make it a teaching moment.”

Anderson took Facebook on Monday to announce that he has officially been reinstated and thanked everyone for their participation in helping him.

“I thank God for the support. I thank God for the students and I’m so proud that they got out there and they fought, and that they made it happen,” Anderson said. “I showed love and I got it back, and I think that’s a beautiful thing … I think it’s something everyone should focus on, because we fight each other so much over silly stuff.”

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