Will Smith Announces Bel-Air Inspired Leisure Clothing!

Today’s kids know #WillSmith solely as a beloved father, wonderful husband, A-list actor and part time comedian. Though all of those things are deemed to be true; they’ll never know what it was like to scope him out each and every week with a fresh pair of Jordans, crisp windbreaker suits, or even a simply fresh tee that reads the words “ BEL-AIR.” However #Cousins, you may just be in luck of experiencing what we refer to as “ The Royal Freshness Era” first hand!


According to #PeopleMagazine ; Smith has recently announced the official launch of his newest venture; a clothing line entitled Bel Air Athletics. The line is completely inspired by his hit 80s-90’s television series Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The line consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts and sports gear accessories including duffel bags, phone cases, socks and more.

Will took to his ever growing social media platform of instagram to model some of his athletic leisure pieces. Within multiple videos, he oozes with excitement and details of his self proclaimed clothing line.

Will Smith Instastory

Will Smith Instastory

With a caption that reads ,“I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I put it on sale. NEW @FRESHPRINCEMERCH!

“I don’t know why I ain’t do this when the Fresh Prince was on,” he states “

But I’ll take it now, because yeet! I love this stuff.”

Will Smith Instastory

Will Smith Instastory

“I feel like I’m 12,” Smith says. “Like, life’s just simple pleasures. I love this stuff. I’m hype. I’m hype. What can I say? I’m a simple man.”

Be sure to check it out and get your royal fresh gear at:

Congratualtions Will!

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