Washington School Bus Driver Resigns After Footage Shows Her Drunk Driving With Students On Board!

Horrifying footage has surfaced of an apparently drunk school bus driver; shown behaving erratically amongst a bus load of terrified students!

The #NewYorkPost reports an alarming call was made to 911 from a student on the morning of Sept 12 stating a bus driver identified as Catherine L. Maccarone, 48; had drove through a total of three red lights while making bizarre statements. “Her eyes, you could tell she was drunk. Her breath sort of smelled like alcohol,” states the student.


Sources have confirmed that Maccarone was pulled over and arrested. Reports from an official police statement read “smelled an obvious odor of intoxicants coming from Maccarone.” It has been stated that Maccarone was to pick up and transported a total of 90 kids within route that day; thankfully no one was hurt.

Maccaronne has since then resigned from Longview Public School despite stating that she wasn’t intoxicated at the time. She states her behavior is due to issues she’s currently battling with anxiety. Within the video you can hear Maccarone loudly rambling about her kids and husband. She is due in court on October.15th

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