#ForTheCulture : Barbie To Honor Rosa Parks For Women’s Equality Day!

In honor of Women’s Equality Day , #Mattel has announced the official release of a special Barbie doll to commerate the life and legacy of #RosaParks.


According to #Blavity ; Mattel announced the big news of the doll Monday on the official anniversary of Women’s Equality Day. Women’s Equality Day is a day utilized to recognize the 19th amendment, which initially only allowed white women the right to vote in the United States in 1920. Mattel is also set to honor Sally Ride the first women to fly in space.

Sources have indicated that the dolls will include authentic clothing, accessories and educational literature pertaining to their legacy’s.


“Both Sally Ride and Rosa Parks made the world better for future generations of girls. By celebrating their achievements with dolls made in their likeness, we hope girls will be inspired to pursue their dreams.”

Rosa Parks doll is now available at Walmart and Sally Ride’s is available for purchase at Target.

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