Common To Invest In Mass Development Of South Side Chicago Area!

From spreading awareness upon gang violence to investing in a multimillion dollar housing development. Chicago native rapper and actor #Common has always been down for the cause when it comes down to his hometown!

According to #NewsOne ; Common has paired up with a group of real estate developers to invest in the transformation of an underdeveloped property located in the South side Chicago area. Sources have indicated that the group has their eye on a vacant they space that was once deemed a U.S steel plant. The group is in hopes of converting the stated 415 acres of land into a sector that will consist of homes, stores, entertainment and sports facilities, and a movie production campus.

Common states that he wants this new development to breathe a sense of life into the area. His initiative is to produce opportunities of income within the neighborhood for residents as well.

Reports have indicated that the cost of the development ranges to about $71 million. The real estate group is currently seeking more investors to assist with bringing the development to life, the plan still has to be approved by the city.

“I felt a responsibility to be a voice for the people of Chicago, to represent their humanity,” states Common in a recent interview. “We are human beings and that’s something many people don’t get to experience or witness because they hear about Chicago through its violence. We have a duty to make sure we tell the stories of these human beings.”

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