Prayers Up! Alexis Sky And Fetty Wap’s Baby Girl Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery!

#Cousins , we would like to take this time to send our thoughts and prayers to #LoveandHipHop cast memebers #AlexisSkyy and #FettyWap ! Their one year old baby girl Alaiya recently endured emergency brain surgery. 


According to #BET , a procedure was deemed medically necessary after an implant malfunction occurred in Aliya’s brain. This past fall, within the premier episode of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 9, Alexis shed light on the difficulties she endured during her pregnancy and after childbirth effects. Alexis explained with teary eyes that Alaiya was born three months earlier than expected; weighting only one pound she endured multiple surgeries. Sources have indicated that Alaiya suffers from hydrocephalus: a condition that causes rapid fluid and bleeding on the brain. 


Alexis took to Instagram Sunday evening to ask everyone to pray for her babygirl. Sources have indicated that the surgery was successful. Alaiya is currently recovering and being cared for by both of her parents Alexis and Fetty. 

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