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Top 15 Memorable Moments Of 2018!

It’s safe to say #2018 has been one heck of a ride. From a few unexpected loop holes, monumentally historical moments while adjusting to a few gut punches life just so happens to throw your way ever so often. ( Heavy on the often ! ) Needless to say; we all survived another monumental year full of laughs, tears, heartaches and deep thoughts ! Here’s 15 highlighted moments from 2018


1. The Disney-Marvel film “ #BlackPanther “ grosses $27+ million its first weekend! Overall racking in $1.1 billion World wide! 


2. #JayZ and #Beyonce premier suprise joint album “ EVERYTHING IS LOVE “ 

3. #Drake and #PushaT take beefing to a whole other level when they pull the cards to one another’s dirty little secrets! 


4. Ray J is crowned “ The Ultimate Hustler of 2018”  👑 

5. #MeekMill is released from Prison! Decides to dedicate his platform to raise awareness against the broken criminal justice system!


5. #KanyeWest disappoints the culture with a live #TMZ interview stating that “ Slavery was a Choice “ . 

6. #CardiB ‘s debuts first Album : #InvasionOfPrivacy 

6. #CardiB ‘s debuts first Album : #InvasionOfPrivacy 


7. #SerenaWilliams endured many trials and tribulations after giving birth to her baby girl. From the banning of a medically necessary  outfit  to hushing the nay sayers while killing it in an all black tutu! 

 8. #KendrickLamar becomes the first rapper ever honored with Pulitzer Prize!


9. #ColinKaepernick Nike advertisement campaign implements deeply motivating and inspirational messages for the world to hear!


10. Love and Hip Hop New York Cast memebers are playing for keeps! 

11. One word : #BEYCHELLA ⚡️

12. #KanyeWest befriends #45 and sports a “ MAGA” cap to prove his loyalty!  


13. Childish Gambino delivers multiple messages within his smash hit singles “ This is America “ and “  In the Summer” . Providing thought provoking visuals that successful captivated society as a whole. 

14. The tour we’ve all been waiting our entire lives for is finally here! #B2K announces a reunion tour featuring multiple early #2000 artists!


15. We celebrated the life and legacy of the legendary #ArethaFranklin 🙏🏿🌹


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