Pregnant Woman Dies While In Police Custody After Complaining Of Stomach Pains!


A family is in shambles as they search for the missing pieces and answers of their loved ones sudden death while in police custody.

Lanekia Michelle Brown, 37 was arrested in November during a traffic stop. After searching Brown’s vehicle, she was arrested for obtaining 103 pounds of marijuana. According to #WJTB while Brown awaited trial for trafficking substance, she complained of intense stomach pains. Sources state that a nurse from the prison went to check in on Brown, unfortunately it was too late she had already died within her cell. “They did CPR on her over and over… still didn’t get no response…” , states the detention facility staff member to local news.


#Mississippi highway patrol contacted Brown’s mother Margaret Johnson on Dec. 23, to inform her of her daughter’s passing. Johnson states within a prior conversation before her death; Brown was fine and she complained of no health complications. She was aware that her daughter was three-four weeks pregnant but states she never had any prior health issues. Brown’s family traveled to the prison to identify the body on Christmas Day but were denied access and asked to return the next day. Sources state that even after Brown’s family returned the next day, they were still unable to identify the body.

“I need to know what happened to her… where she at. They won’t tell me or give me no information. That’s my child. I love my child…. I want to know where my child is. “ states Ms Johnson to local news officials.

An autopsy report hasn’t yet been forwarded. Mississippi Police havr yet to release a statement on the ordeal or forward surrounding information. Brown’s family is devastated; she was the mother of two small children.

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