Student Poisons Black Roommate With Chemicals Used To Kill Insects And Rodents!

The college experience is expected to be the highlight of an individuals life. Memorable fundamental moments combined with life long friendships and elevating experiences. Unfortunately that is far from the case in most instances. Each year there are shocking and disturbing stories that surface of haunting tales, pertaining to students who are subjected to literally fight for their own lives on a daily basis, against their own peers.


According to #Blavity former Lehigh Student #YukaiYang is currently facing multiple charges for the poisoning of his roommate #JuwanRoyal. Yang who majors in chemistry at Lehigh University; purchased a wide spread of chemicals from off of the Internet with the motive to torture his roommate. The entire ordeal began earlier this year within the month of February, when Royal dranked a bottle of water from a shared refrigerator. Sources state, Royals throat began to burn instantly, he then approached Yang who stated “so the substance that they are putting in your drink is colorless, odorless and dissolves in water. “ The second incident occurred on March.18 as Royal began to feel ill, he then contacted the police. Sources state, Yang informed police officials that he witnessed Royals milk and mouthwash change colors.


Exactly 11 days after the incident Royal was hospitalized. Numerous test concluded that Royal obtained exceeding amount of thallium in his blood, a chemical used to kill insects and rodents. When Royal returned back to his dorm room, he found his personal items defaced with the words “ N***a get out of here. “ Yang later admitted to purchasing the chemical but states it was for his own personal academic punishment. Yang has been suspended since the month of April and faces charges of homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment. Yang has since then been released on bail after 10 percent of the initial balance of $10,00 was paid, he has also had his visa revoked. There is an ongoing investigation into the entire incident, school officials have agreed to fully cooperate. Unfortunately Royal still suffers from the affects of the chemical poisoning to this day.

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