Ohio Teen Killed By Police, Girlfriend Charged With Murder Instead!

If you ever find yourself heavily confused upon how exactly the system works, allow us to be the first to tell you: “ YOU ARE NOT ALONE “ . It seems as if the law is only beneficial depending on what side of the spectrum you belong to.


According to #TheRoot ; #Columbus , #Ohio Police officials shot and killed #JuliusTateJr, 16    while orchestrating an undercover mission to decrease crime rate throughout the city. Sources state Officers used social media platforms to target Tate initiate a fake transaction for an item he was selling. Officials have stated that during the transaction Tate had a gun in which he used to rob the officer. Backup was alerted of the ordeal going wrong; that’s when #EricRichard who serves as a member of the SWAT team, stepped in ultimately killing Tate.

Further information has been forwarded challenging Police officials allegations.  “I have a sworn affidavit from an eyewitness that says that this was done totally different than what has been put on the news” states the family’s attorney Bryan Potts. An eye witness has contested that Tate was not in possession of any weapon during the transaction and that the supposed weapon was recovered after searching his home. Conveniently after receiving word that Tate’s Family we’re going to file a wrongful death suite, that’s when officials story shifted. Arriving at the conclusion that Tate’s girlfriend #MasoniqueSaunders ,16 should be held responsible.


Saunders was charged with murder and aggravated robbery. Sources state Saunders was at the scene during the ordeal and that her “ lengthy juvenile criminal history “ which began at an early age plays a major role. Officials state that Saunders overall was apart of numerous robberies. “Under what historically has been called ‘felony murder,’ which means that you’re still responsible for a murder if you cause the death of another as an approximate result of committing certain kinds of serious offenses.” states a Police spokesman.

What will it take for the system to effectively process the criminals they’ve allowed to obtain badges? When will the system take into accountability that people are wrongfully losing their lives ? A black teenage male was killed in cold blood and officials decided to pin the murder on his 16 year old girlfriend because of a juvenile record?

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