Back To The Drawing Board : Disney Corrects Changes In Princess Tiana’s Facial Features, After Internet Backlash

There’s a few things people should just know not to play with when it comes down to us. Our time, money, family, food and of course our first African American Disney Princess!!


#PrincessTiana stole the hearts of many in her debut movie #PrincessAndTheFrog back in 2008. From her southern #NewOrleans accent to her heart of gold; Tiana’s story is one that many of us can relate to. But after the trailer for the newly animated film “ Wreck-it Ralph 2” surfaced showing multiple Disney princesses and our fave looking completely different? The internet had a few choice words for production.


Tiana’s facial features had been altered to lighter skin, different textured hair, a smaller framed nose and lip structure. Many Disney fans wanted to know what caused these obvious changes.

According to #PeopleMagazine Disney met up with the voice of the Disney character #AnikaRose and the black advocacy group #AColorOfChange to strategize upon the changes within correction that needed to be made immediately.

The artist have returned Tiana to her familiar features as featured in her original film, the princess and the frog 👑

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