Tragedy Strikes: Teen Is Murdered Moments After Praising God For Allowing Him To See His Seventeenth Birthday


 Where Most Of Us Come From, You Don’t See Men And Women Let Alone Children Make It To Certain Ages. It’s Heartbreaking To Know That Death, Violence And Overall Tragic Moments Are Becoming A Societal Norm. Which Is Causing Us To Grow Numb To These Situations, Instead Of Outraged And Willing To Work Towards Enforcing Change..😞

August 18th; #ArmondLatimore Took To #Facebook Around 1130 AM To Express Gratitude To The Most High For Allowing Him To Make It To See His Seventeenth Birthday. “ Thru all the bulls**t I den been thru I’m just glad I can say I made it to see 17.” Less Than An Hour Later The St Louis, Missouri Teen was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Sources state the teen was fatally shot in the street.


His Mother, Chandra Payne tells police officials she was just by his side when he expressed he wanted ice cream to celebrate his big day. Payne states three minutes after leaving their home, she received a call informing her that her son was dead. “He was a helping-hand child. Loved music and loved money and always made it the right way”.

According To #AUNews Latimore had went to purchase food from a local Chinese take out restaurant not too far from his home when the ordeal took place. Police officials have yet to identify the person responsible, Latimore’s Death is still under investigation.


Sleep In Peace Armond Latimore 🌹

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